Sustainable Fashion Design
The development of ecological garments or circular apparel are rooted in the design process!


Designers and product developers guide the evolution of a garment from first sketch to collection and have a large share in the footprint of fashion. When starting with sustainable knowledge and a circular mindset, you can affect the impact of clothes in a positive way. From fabric choice to visual adjustments and choosing the right trims, every step needs to be considered carefully, as adjustments in a later stage are often difficult to implement.

This workshop will help you if you are working in product development – as a product manager or a designer – and you want to become more conscious of the consequences concerning the decisions you make day by day. Your aim is to reduce the ecological impact of the garments and improve the sustainable performance of your work. We will investigate every step of a supply chain and demonstrate improvements for your everyday decisions.

Sina Steidinger will supervise the workshop. She is a passionate and experienced designer, worked as a head of design, and created sustainable collections for several brands. Sina is educated in fashion design and sustainability management. She also has solid practical experience in lecturing and circular product development. Her aim is to unite the passionate design process with a green mindset and create purpose-driven, low-impact products by sharing knowledge and conceptualizing together.

What you can expect:

  • Sina has worked out five key problems of today’s clothing industry, which hinder sustainability at the design stage already. Together we will tackle these issues by analysing the main difficulties and design-hurdles and improving the ecological performance of your future garments.
  • Additionally, we will unfold a key strategy to bring the products of your brand on the right track.
  • The following content is worked on:
    – the impact of fashion,
    – the responsibility of designers in a supply chain,
    – analysing the 5 main problems resulting from mistakes at the design stage,
    – finding the right solutions and improvements in the creation process towards a sustainable design,
    – best practice with suitable examples,
    – together we customize the sustainable strategy for your brand and the product.
  • The goal is to achieve a sustainable mindset through eye-opening insights and best practice examples and to bring about positive change at the design process.

Further practical information:

  • A two days practical workshop.

  • At your own location and focussed on your company and products.

  • Ideal for 4 to 12 persons.

  • Sina speaks English and German. The training will be in English.

Voor meer informatie en bespreking van de mogelijkheden:

  • Annemieke Everink, onze ras-vakvrouw in werk-/veiligheidskleding voor al je vragen over productontwikkeling, textiel, eisen en normen.

  • Sina Steidinger is our enthusiastic eco-design, denim and product development specialist. She likes to share her experience, gained as independent designer, among others at MUD Jeans.