Welcome at Q&A Quality Assistance. For advice in the field of apparel, textile and sustainability.

And in order to develop yourself further in quality, sustainability and workmanship in apparel and textile you can come to Coachman Training.

We give advises and training in the field of:

Steps towards sustainability and circularity

Fit, patterns and size consistency

Product safety and restricted substances

Protective workwear, specifications and standards

Product development, textile knowledge, sampling and communication

Quality management: QA, QC & AQL

Familiar with UPV, Digital Product Passports, CSRD, PEF, EPD and other new developments in sustainability and legislation?

Want to be able to take simple but thoughtful steps toward a more sustainable collection?

Which certificates and labels are reliable: social, environmental, circularity and end-product sustainability?

Want to design more sustainably, use data, employ LCA calculations and be knowledgeable about the “Product Environmental Footprint”?

Perhaps you have other issues that we can support you with. We’d love to hear about it.

Consciously choose Coachman Training

A team of passionate experts, each with training experience, at your service!

Do and learn to take your own or team performance to the next level!

Know what you are talking about develop and negotiate with confidence!

Share knowledge and experience in a fun interactive way, in a safe environment.

shared passion

Our team:

Coachman provides training in sustainability and specialized expertise in apparel and textiles. Soon we will be ‘blogging’ on issues such as chemical management, AQL, product safety, legislation, developments in sustainability, etc. Get in touch if you want to stay up to date.

Mathilde Kester is our dedicated fitting, sizing & 3D prototyping specialist.
Sina Steidinger is our enthusiastic eco-design, denim and product development specialist.
José Koopman is our dedicated procurement, sourcing and sustainability specialist.
Annemieke Everink, our breed expert in workwear: product development, textiles, requirements and standards….
Chris Koeleman is a passionate specialist in product and process quality, quality controls, AQL and sustainability.
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