Our training offerings:

  • Find more training options on clothing quality, sustainability and workmanship in product development, sourcing and production here. We are also always available for specific questions.

  • IN-COMPANY Can applying the standards for professional and safety clothing cause doubts? Would you like to inform your clients and producers more clearly and completely? Check out this Coachman training...

  • IN-COMPANY - Sustainable and circular fashion are becoming increasingly important. Legislation and consumers explicitly ask for it. The supplier's role, certificates, labels, transparency, 'eco-tools' and more...

  • IN-COMPANY - Quality is a must. Prevent delays, complaints and reputational damage. A useful tool is AQL for QC and QA. How exactly does it work, how do you assess defects and via which knobs do you increase efficiency?

  • IN-COMPANY - ENGLISH ONLY Designers and product developers have a large share in the footprint of fashion. Start with more profound knowledge about sustainability aspects to affect the impact of clothes in a positive way.

  • IN-COMPANY Know what it is about and know legislation. What do REACH, PRSL, ZDHC, ECHA, C8, VOC, etc. mean for your collection? Know risks, tests and alternatives. And which eco-labeling can be of help?

  • OPEN ENROLLMENT / IN-COMPANY Prevent complaints, returns and loosing customers, caused by fit issues and at the same time make the process more sustainable. Be quick, the open training will start soon.

That’s why Coachman Training:

A team of passionate experts, each with training experience, at your service!

Do and learn to take your own or team performance to the next level!

Know what you are talking about develop and negotiate with confidence!

Share knowledge and experience in a fun interactive way, in a safe environment.