1. Introduction/working method

The trainings are conducted under the guidance of Q&A Quality Assistance, under the name Coachman Training. Trainings, courses and workshops are further referred to together in these terms and conditions as ‘training’ or ‘trainings’. The trainee participating in an open-enrolment training, or the company to which an in-company training course is delivered, is indicated herein as ‘Client’.

  1. Confidentiality

Q&A Quality Assistance guarantees that it will keep confidential all Client information used, to develop training courses or otherwise provide services, and will not hand it over to third parties until Client requests it and gives its explicit consent.

  1. Quality Assurance

Q&A Quality Assistance guarantees a high level of quality in its training courses and works with trainers, who are qualified for the work. If a trainer drops out, Q&A Quality Assistance, in consultation with the Client, is given the opportunity to provide an equivalent replacement. To this end, the training course may be rescheduled by a reasonable deadline.

  1. Feedback and complaints

We are happy to receive feedback after each training course, in order to raise the level each time. In case of complaints, Client can contact Q&A Quality Assistance at: info@quality-assistance.nl.

  1. Cancellation and rescheduling by Q&A Quality Assistance

Approximately 1 week before the stated starting date of the training course, Q&A Quality Assistance will check whether there are sufficient registrations to actually run the course. In case of insufficient interest, Q&A Quality Assistance reserves the right to cancel a training course. You will be informed as soon as possible and the full registration fee will be refunded. In the unlikely event of a trainer being absent (due to illness or other reasons), the cancelled class will generally be made up at the end. Any rescheduling of the entire training course or a replacement date for a specific component will be arranged in mutual consultation.

  1. Change of training location

Q&A Quality Assistance reserves the right to change the training location at any time, for example due to the number of registrations or the availability of a location. Q&A Quality Assistance will then endeavour to find a comparable location.

  1. Cancellation by the Client

In case of cancellation by Client, Client shall owe to Q&A Quality Assistance:

– up to 3 weeks before scheduled start of the training course: 50% of the agreed price;

– from 3 weeks to 1 week before scheduled start of the training course: 80% of the agreed price;

– within 1 week before scheduled start of the training: the entire agreed training price.

If the Client had already been invoiced, the difference will be credited and refunded if applicable.

  1. Intellectual property

All training materials and supplementary materials provided by Q&A Quality Assistance in connection with the training are protected by copyright. Consequently, it may not be disclosed and/or reproduced in any form whatsoever, in whatever manner and whether or not in modified form, or provided to third parties, without the express written permission of Q&A Quality Assistance.

  1. Calamities and force majeure

In case of force majeure and calamities, the training may have to be continued on another date, location or online. As no regular continuation under the old conditions is possible in these situations, no refund of all or part of the course fees will be granted.

  1. Disclaimer liability

Q&A Quality Assistance shall not be liable for any direct and/or indirect damage resulting from training content, training specifications or training material, and/or the participant’s application of what was learned in the training, or for any other direct and/or indirect damage from any cause whatsoever.