Coachman Training & RethinkRebels Academy,
same key values, complementary training offerings

To serve you even more, Coachman Training and RethinkRebels Academy have become sustainable partners. As, at the academy, you will find a well-connected range of training courses, based on values and convictions that completely match. Coachman Training believes in collaboration and sharing. We can well combine Coachman trainingen focussd on workmanship, sustainability and quality now, with the 'circular impact consultancy and trainings' from the RethinkRebels Academy.

More about RethinkRebels Academy:

The academy gives you access to more than 25 years of knowledge in a way that is easy to understand, inspiring, and online. With the Academy, you’ll learn the right tools, proven strategies, and handy secrets to make an immediate impact and get others to make long-lasting, positive changes. Right now, the world needs strong leaders who rethink the fashion industry from the ground up. If you go to the RethinkRebels Academy, you'll learn how to be that leader, that rebel, that changemaker - at work, in your team and everywhere else.

To make a real difference, companies need to take a systematic approach to sustainability. In practice, every team member implements small yet essential steps specific to their functions.

That is why we tailor-made course packages for specific departments: Top & Sustainability management, Product & Supply chain, Sales & Marketing, Design & Creatives. Are you deeply passionate about fashion and determined to make a meaningful impact? Our short courses in sustainable fashion provide the essential knowledge you need without lengthy commitments: Sustainable Materials, Circular design strategies and business models, Sustainable marketing & communications.

Coachman Training & Circular Textile Days,

partners from the start

Circular Textile Days is the leading international event for sustainability and circular developments in the textile industry.

With the true story of developments, an interactive setting, lots of information and plenty of networking opportunities, it is the ultimate place to exhibit sustainable, circular process and product innovations. As a visitor, you will find all the important relevant players together and you can obtain a lot of inspiration. It will include workshops, talks, public discussions and matchmaking sessions. And at the Innovation Forum you will find the latest developments, represented physically and through pitches from the providers.