Product safety: manage dyes and finishes
Manage textile chemicals for sustainable & safe products.

Our suggested content is below and can be personalized to your liking:

Know what it is about and know the relevant legislation. What does it mean for your collection? And become completely at home in professional terminology, such as: REACH, PRSL, ZDHC, ECHA, C8, VOC, etc. Learn how to eliminate the risks to your collection. What to test, can it be done differently and where are risks zero? Know the relevance of eco-labeling such as Ökotex.

  • In-company, at your own location, content tailored to your own products and situation.

  • Ideal for 2 to 8 people.

  • It can usually be done in 1 part of the day. Sometimes 2 day parts are better, depending on prior knowledge and requirements.

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