Improve Production Quality Systematically
Concrete agreements and proper monitoring are essential for quality improvement. The perfect tool: AQL.


Today’s consumer is critical; good quality is a must. No matter how beautiful the design is, in the end, fabric flaws, crooked seams, broken accessories, stains, falling off buttons and other ‘defects’ from the manufacturing process can cause the product not to catch on after all, or the number of returns and complaints to rise too much. Reputational damage and customer loss are likely. Moreover, it can affect durability and occasionally the product is even dangerous for the user concerned. Efficient handling of quality reports and issues requires good agreements on the quality level, checks and communication. A handy tool is AQL, a globally accepted standard, with statistical backgrounds.

Learn everything you need to know about this standard on AQL and quality control in general, in order to manage your suppliers, agents and internal involved parties more skillfully!

Expected outcomes for participants after the session:

  • have relevant knowledge of the AQL system and eliminate misunderstandings
  • knowing which knobs can be turned within the AQL
  • ability to make communication internally and with producers more effective
  • ability to assess the severity of quality problems
  • understand how commerce relates to quality control.

What you will work on, among other things:

  • improve the current system of control and communication
  • recognising defects
  • improve insight in AQL-reports
  • communicate effectively with your producers and agents.

You will do this under the expert guidance of Chris Koeleman. Chris is an experienced trainer with solid practical experience in quality assurance at various clothing brands and AQM Quality Control, Testing and Auditing. Completely at home in the field of quality assurance, quality manuals, testing, inspections, garment production and effective quality communication with the manufacturer.

  • At your own location, content completely tailored to your own product and (production) process.

  • Ideal for 2 to 10 persons.

  • We start with 1 half-day session. Follow-up depends on prior knowledge and the needs that emerge during the session.

For more information and discussing the options:

  • Chris is an experienced trainer with solid practical experience in product, production and quality assurance. Also a heart for sustainability and organiser of the Circular Textile Days.