OPEN SUBSCRIPTION (or OPEN ENROLLMENT) means you can subscribe individually, open for private persons and for individual participants that apply through a company. It is classroom-based, so you are together with participants with different backgrounds, cases and questions. Usually, we see participants being open about the issues within their companies and learning a lot from each other’s challenges. It is usually nice to see what others are up against, how they work and what solutions they have found. It is especially suitable for those who are not looking for a training course that deals extensively with their own business situation.

IN-COMPANY means that the training is tailor-made and (usually) takes place within the company building. There is a part general theory and specific business cases are covered. Colleagues from different disciplines within the company can participate in this. A key benefit is that all colleagues are much more in tune with each other afterwards, learn ‘to speak the same language’ and bonding between them is reinforced. This is partly made possible through the efforts of our qualified trainers. Because everything revolves around the company-specific situation and everyone knows each other, more depth is usually achieved than in open training courses.