Product development, textile knowledge, sampling and communication

Know the ins and outs of your product, don’t be fooled, develop a collection and purchase with intelligence and negotiate confidently

It is impossible to thoughtfully and efficiently make the supply chain sustainable without thorough product knowledge and understanding of your supply chain. Good arrangements with knowledge of the issues, can prevent many problems and make the organization efficient. In short, product and manufacturing knowledge support the transition to sustainability and also make it more fun.

Consider proper quality requirements, fiber knowledge and developments therein, testing on samples and materials, use of seam symbols, sizing charts that match the ideal fit, inspections via the AQL standard, proper labeling, etc.

Expected results for the participants after the session depend on the agreements and wishes regarding the training package. Content e.g.:

  • Know and use international seam symbols
  • Create dimensional charts for quality control
  • know quality requirements for fabrics and haberdashery
  • Know what tests you do on fabric samples and specimens
  • Know (legal) requirements for labeling
  • Be able to make appropriate quality control and AQL agreements
  • product safety: avoid having your products taken off the market
  • In-company, at your own location, content tailored to your own products and situation.

  • Ideal for 6 to 12 people.

  • Number of sessions depending on requirements.

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